Find The Way - Edcoustic


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Find The Way - Edcoustic
C                                    Em
You give me hope, to realize
                      Am         G                      F     
The reason why and what am I living for
                C                       Em
After so long follow my feet
                      Am       G                       Am
Looking for life that You have given me
                  Am                                  Em
As I remember those days the darkness

             F                  G                        C E
When I was not caring You were there
           Am                              Em
Now I care to take this way so clear
          F                       Dm                 G
And I feel so proud to be a muslim guy

Reff :

          C                                     G E
And now how so great that I feel
                Am                     F                 
Living up to the light, with You inside my
     C                                       G E
And I could never be the same
Without You involve in
       F                   G        C
On me to try to find the way

                C          Em
Now I believe in anyway
                       Am          G               F
That You will always here inside my mind
             C                              Em
And I believe You?ll always hear
            Am              G                      F
An every beat, the trembling of my heart
           Am                     Em
Every time I pray I cry for You
            F          G                         C      E
And I feel the peacefull of my soul
        Am                               Em
To obey in every word You say
                  F                      Dm
When the time has come, let me die in
Your way

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Berikut lirik lagu Find The Way - Edcoustic , dilengkapi kord kunci gitar Find The Way - Edcoustic, dipersembahkan oleh MAINGITARDULU . Sela...
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