Sunshine - Maliq & D’Essentials


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Sunshine - Maliq & D’Essentials
I got sunshine
Shinning through my eyes
The love is from above
You gave me with arush
Cause you re the sunshine of my life


When I_m doubt
I pray to you
You lead the way to brighten up my day
Day after day
U_ll always there
You show the way to brighter up my day

I got sunshine …I got sunshine…
I_m gonna get down
And I_m down for you
I raise my hand, call up you_re name
ALLAHUAKBAR…The one above me
I live for you and I_ll die for you
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Judul Lagu : Sunshine - Maliq & D’Essentials
Berikut lirik lagu Sunshine - Maliq & D’Essentials , dilengkapi chord kunci gitar Sunshine - Maliq & D’Essentials, dipersembahkan ol...
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