Sweet Dreams - Air Supply


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Sweet Dreams - Air Supply
Dm                        C
This is the time when you need a friend
    Bb                F
You just need someone near
Dm                             C
I'm not looking forward to the night
                    Bb                     F
I'll spend thinking of you when you're not here

Am                                    Bb
How many times will I think about the things
I'd like to do
Am                                 Bb           
Always denied the right to live my life the way I want
          G             C
I want to share it with you

Close your eyes
                               C     Bb
I want to ride the skies in my sweet dreams
Close your eyes
                                C     Bb
I want to see you tonight in my sweet dreams

I'll think of your kiss as the days roll by
And I'll write the words you love
What I can't say in a letter
Will just have to wait till I get home

There's not much time to tell you
Half the things I should
Only that I'm so glad I fell in love with you
And I'd do it again if I could


Dm           C             Dm
Sleep like a child resting deep
    C                             Dm
You don't know what you give me I keep
Bb        C       Dm    C    Bb
For these moments alone


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PS: Belum tahu/hafal/lupa lagu Sweet Dreams - Air Supply. Lihat video clip/cover Sweet Dreams - Air Supply, melalui Youtube berikut ini : https://youtu.be/okXDcAOpM3A


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Berikut lirik lagu Sweet Dreams - Air Supply , dilengkapi chord kunci gitar Sweet Dreams - Air Supply, dipersembahkan oleh Maingitardulu.com...
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