Highway to Hell - AC/DC

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  A                 D/F#  G      D/F#  G     D/F#  G     D/F#   A
Highway to Hell - AC/DC
   D D/F# G              D D/F# G
     Livin' easy,        livin' free,
D D/F# G       D/F#    A A
     Season ticket on a one way ride
A A A           D D/F# G             D D/F# G
     Askin' nothin,      leave me be.
  D D/F# G     D/F#   A A
     Takin' ev'rythin' in my stride.

     Don't need reason, don't need rhyme,
     Ain't nothin' i'd rather do.
     goin' down, party time.        E5  <-----instead of an A.
     my friends are gonna be there too.

             A    A  A   D/A      G   --º
    i'm on a highway to hell             Repeat
    D/F#     A    A  A   D/A      G
    on the   highway to hell          --º

Additional verses

    no stop signs, speed limit,
    nobody's gonna slow me down.
    like a wheel, gonna spin it.
    nobody's gonna mess me around.

    Hey, satan, pay'n' my dues,
    playin' in a rockin' band.
    hey, momma, look at me.
    I'm on my way to the promised land.

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PS: Belum tahu/hafal/lupa lagu Highway to Hell - AC/DC. Lihat video clip/cover Highway to Hell - AC/DC, melalui Youtube berikut ini : https://youtu.be/gEPmA3USJdI

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Berikut lirik lagu Highway to Hell - AC/DC , dilengkapi chord kunci gitar Highway to Hell - AC/DC, d...
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