Play Hundreds of Free Casual Online Games on is different from other online games, comes with a different concept. The games provided are very easy to play and casual.

Playing games for some people is an easy way to relieve stress, restore the mood, and also as a means of entertainment in their spare time. There are many online gaming sites that provide thousands of games on the internet, including the site, an online game provider, which has caught our team's attention. On this site there are hundreds of casual online games that can be played online. is different from other online games, comes with a different concept. The games provided are very easy to play and casual. Not only that, those of you who want to reminisce about games from the Sega era, Nintendo or Game Boy are also available on this site. Are you wondering what it's like to play games on the site? The following is the experience of our team when trying out some of its flagship games.

Advantages of Online Games on

Playing online games is fun nowadays, we can play various online games on several platforms, such as smartphones, tablets or desktop PCs. Some modern online games today require players to be really focused in realtime and require an adequate internet connection and also use the In App Purchase mechanism which requires players to pay to get certain items in the game to facilitate missions.

The complexity of modern online games as we described above sometimes makes people not entertained by the game, but it actually adds to the stress. offers a different approach with casual and classic games that are light, easy and entertaining. There are several advantages that the online gaming site has, making it highly recommended for those who need entertainment.

Games on are completely free. You can play hundreds of games online on the site for free. There is no In-App Purchase mechanism to get certain items.

Here are the advantages of the site

  • The games provided are simple and easy to play, making them suitable for entertainment or just to relieve stress.
  • Safe for children. Even some of the available games carry an educational theme that is suitable for children.
  • There is no need to download and install to play the game because the games offered by are web-based.
  • No need to register or create an account to play the game. All you have to do is visit the site, choose the game you want, and start playing right away.
  • The games available are instantly playable on PC, Mac browsers or even run smoothly on Android browsers when our team tries them out.
  • Each game is equipped with instructions and how to play it, so we don't get confused when we start playing it.
  • The games available on are numerous and consist of hundreds of categories with various gameplay and difficulty levels.
  • The collection of games on is always growing or being updated.

Try Games on

Curing curiosity, our team immediately tried out some of the games available on using the Lenovo AIO PC 10104 and Laptop ASUS A14. The games on can be played well on both laptops. Not only that, we also tested it on various browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera to test the compatibility of the games and it all went well.

Still curious about web-based games on, we immediately tried it out to play some games on the Chrome browser on Android smartphones. The result? The game that we tried on the Android browser ran smoothly without any problems. It's just that the game loading is not as fast as when played on a PC browser.

There are hundreds of games that can be played on the site, ranging from classic games, console-style games from the 90s or 2000s, to educational themed games for children's education. Here are four of the games we love the most on

Tetra Block

Who does not know the Tetris Game? This classic game was very popular in the 90s. Even when we were little, we were bought a cheap gamewatch that contained the Tetris game and its various variations. Now those of you who have experienced the gamewatch era with the Tetris game can reminisce by playing Tetra Block on

The gameplay offered by Tetra Block is exactly the same as the classic game of Tetris. Players simply arrange the blocks that appear randomly to form a horizontal line to get a score. Players can change the position of the block by rotating it vertically or horizontally to fit the available space and not create gaps or holes.

Players must of course race against time and train their speed of thinking so that the pile of blocks does not get higher. When it has accumulated to the upper limit, then game over! This Tetra Block game is interesting even though it doesn't offer anything new from Tetris. However, Tetra Block comes with a much more modern and colorful interface, plus adequate sound effects, making it even more fun to play.

Warrior on Attack

Miss simple fighting games like the NES era, Sega or classic DOS era games? Maybe you can try playing the game Warrior on Attack on This game tells the story of a knight or warrior who must fight against the evil skull army. The gameplay of Warrior on Attack is quite simple, where players must eradicate the army of skulls that appear from the right and left of the screen.

At first glance, the gameplay of Warrior on Attack reminds us of old games like Double Dragon or Streets of Rage. The difference is that Warrior on Attack is static and not side-scrolling like the two classic games we mentioned earlier.

Mahjong Solitaire

Need a game that is a little serious and requires calm and precision? Maybe you should try Mahjong Solitaire on This game is inspired by the classic Mahjong game from China combined with gameplay innovation and fun graphics.

Players only need to find two Mahjong pieces with the same symbol as many as approximately 20 pairs. At first glance it sounds trivial, but it is very challenging and cannot be underestimated. Even our team tried this game and no one was able to complete the mission in under 4 minutes!

This Mahjong Solitaire game does require peace of mind, accuracy, and accuracy. No wonder, this game is not equipped with sound effects or backsound. Maybe the developer really understands that the presence of a background sound or sound effect actually disturbs the player's concentration.

If you don't want to bother choosing mahjong in Mahjong Solitaire, maybe you can try an easier game like Space Adventure Pinball. Players don't need to think complicated, just have fun by throwing the ball and preventing it from falling.

The gameplay that Space Adventure Pinball offers on is actually not much different from most Pinball games. Players simply throw the ball and then prevent the ball from falling with the barriers on the right and left. If you're lucky, the ball will bounce up and result in a bonus that can result in a high score in no time.


We consider to offer games that are easy to play, simple, safe for children and no annoying ads. The games on this site are perfect for relieving stress or boredom after a long day at work. There are hundreds of games available and they are updated every day, so you won't get bored easily. What are you waiting for? Immediately try playing the game on!

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India,5,Lagu Daerah,143,Lagu Jawa,37,Lagu Komedi,2,Lagu Lawas,59,Lagu Makassar,9,Lagu Maluku,19,Lagu Minang,56,Lagu Papua,9,Lagu Ramadhan,111,Lagu Rohani,1,Lagu Sunda,79,Lagu Wajib Nasional,7,Laki. L,1,Lala Karmela,3,Laluna,4,Lana Del Rey,1,Larc En Ciel,11,Last Child,24,Lata Mangeshkar,1,Latief Khan,1,Latinka,1,Led Zeppelin,2,Lee Jeong Hoon,1,Lemon T,1,Lena Meyer,2,Leo Waldy,4,Leona Lewis,10,Lestari,3,Lesti,4,Letto,9,Lewis Capaldi,1,Liam Payne,1,Lifestyle,5,Lil Wayne,1,Lilis Karlina,1,Lilis Suryani,1,Lina Marlina,1,Linda Ronstadt,1,Little Wings,1,Liza Hanim,1,Liza Tania,1,Lobow,3,LoeLoe,1,Looney,1,Lorde,2,Louisa Johnson,1,Luiggi,1,Luis Fonsi,1,Lukas Graham,1,Luvia Band,1,Lydia Natalia,1,Lyla,32,Lynda Moy,3,M,459,M Nasir,3,Machica Mochtar,1,Maddie & Tae,1,Madonna,3,MAGIC!,4,Mahadewi,19,Mahalini,2,Maharani Kahar,1,Maher Zain,34,Mahkota,1,Malaysia,234,Malek Ridzuan,1,Maliq & D'essentials,10,Mansyur S,27,Marcell,8,Marcello Tahitoe,2,MARGARETH,1,Maria Calista,2,Maria Stella vs Rifany Maria,1,Mariah Carey,10,Mario G Klau,1,Mario Gerardus Klau,1,Mark Adam,1,Mark Ronson,1,Maroon 5,32,Marshanda,2,Marsheilla,1,Martin Garrix & Bebe Rexha,1,Marvin Gaye,1,Mary Jane,1,Masa,1,Mashabi,1,Masni Tuwijono,1,Matari,1,Matoma,1,Matta,4,Maudy Ayunda,11,Maya,1,Maya Angela,2,Mayang Sari,2,Meditasi,3,Mega Mustika,1,Meggy Z,8,Meghan Trainor,10,Meity Baan,1,Melanie Subono,1,Melayu,3,Melisa Putri,1,Melly Goeslaw,14,Melly Goeslaw & Marthino Lio,1,Melly Mono,1,Melodic Punk,1,Memes,3,Menara,2,Meriam Bellina,1,Merpati,8,Metallica,1,Michael Buble,2,Michael Heart,1,Michael Jackson,52,Michael Learns To Rock,15,Michelle Branch,3,Midnight Quickie,1,Mika,2,Mike Mohede,5,Mikha Tambayong,7,Miley Cyrus,11,Milka,2,Mimi Asmida,2,Mimi Nazrina,1,Mior,1,Mirnawati,8,Misha Omar,1,Misramolai,3,MisterMiss,1,Mocca,43,Moesa,1,MOJO,1,Moluccas,1,Momonon,1,Monita,3,Motif Band,1,Motohiro Hata,1,Movies,9,Mowns!,1,Mr Big,2,Mr Probz,1,Muchsin Alatas,2,Muh Rajasa,1,Mulan Jameela,14,Mus Mujiono,2,Muse,6,Music,4,Musikimia,2,Mytha Lestari,5,N,342,Nabilah JKT48,1,Nadila,2,Nadira Adnan,2,Naff,51,Naif,76,Najwa Latif,3,Nana Mardiana,1,Nanaku,2,NanaSheme,1,Nandani,1,Nano,4,Nares,1,Narwastu,1,Nassar,3,Nasyid,18,Natasya Misel X Factor,1,NATE RUESS,1,Nath The Lions,1,Nathan Hartono,1,Naughty Boy,1,Near feat. Dian Sorowea,1,Nedi Gampo,1,Neila,1,Nella Kharisma,4,Netral,11,Netral feat Tegar,1,New Boyz,2,New Sakha,3,New Syclon,1,New Zealand,1,News,4,Nick Jonas,2,Nicki Minaj,2,Nicky Astria,9,Nicky Tirta,1,Nicky Tirta & Rini Mentari,1,Nico & Vinz,3,Nidji,21,Nidji feat Dea,1,Night To Remember,1,Nike Ardila,15,Nike Ardilla,32,Nikita Willy,2,Nina Tamam,1,Nindy,3,Nine Ball,3,Nini Karlina,1,Nining Meida,10,Nino feat Nagita,1,NIRINA ZUBIR,1,Nirvana,1,Noah,23,Noah Cyrus feat Labrinth,1,Nobitasan,1,Noer Halimah,7,Nomad,1,Nomo Koeswoyo,1,Non Dera,1,Nora,1,Noraniza Idris,1,Nostalgia,56,Noura,2,Novi Ayla Caka,4,Novita,1,Novita Dewi,5,Nowela,3,NU Dimension,2,Nugie,5,Numata,6,Nur Afni Octavia,2,Nurbayan,1,Nurhana,1,Nuri Melani,1,Nyawoeng,1,O,93,Oasis,1,Obbie Messakh,3,Oki Setiana Dewi,1,Olif,1,OMI,1,Ona Sutra,3,Once,12,Once Mekel,1,One Direction,5,Onerepublic,1,Onix Band,1,Oon B,2,Opick,55,Oppie Andaresta,1,OST,5,OST Film Pengabdi Setan,1,OST Mahabharata,1,OST Marlina si Pembunuh Dalam Empat Babak,1,Owl City,1,P,250,P Ramlee,1,Padi,55,Panbers,2,Pance F Pondaag,8,Pance Pondaag,1,Paolo Nutini,1,Paparisa Group,1,Papinka,5,Paramore,6,Park Min Young,1,Parody,1,PAS Band,16,Passenger,1,Pasto,8,Pasto 1,1,Patent Band,1,Pattie Sisters,1,Paul McCartney,1,Payung Teduh,16,Pearl Jam,1,Pee Wee Gaskins,30,Pempek Basi,1,Pentatonix,1,Peterpan,36,Petra Sihombing,1,Phantom,4,Pharrell Williams,2,Philippines,8,Phillip Phillips,1,Pia Mia,1,Pilar,1,Pilot,2,Pink,1,Pinkan Mambo,5,Piyu,1,PMR,1,Poethree,1,Pongki Barata,1,Pop Sunda,80,Poppy Mercury,4,Potret,7,Power Metal,1,Prilly Latuconsina,4,Prisa,2,Private Number,1,Project Pop,9,Protonema,1,Pujiono,1,Punk,1,Putih,4,Putra,1,Putri Bahar,2,Q,2,Qanda,1,Qasidah,3,Qiu9,1,Qosidah,12,R,485,R Kelly,1,Rachel Platten,1,Radhini,1,Radhit Indra & Sanji Indra,1,Radiohead,1,Radja,9,Raef,2,Rafael Tan,2,Rafika Duri,1,Rafly,5,Rage Against the Machine,1,Rahim Maarof,2,Rahmadani X Factor 2015,1,Rahmat,2,Raihan,9,Raisa,23,Raiya,1,Raline Shah,1,Rama,1,RAMLI,4,Ramona Purba,1,RAN,12,RAN feat Kahitna,1,RAN feat. Yura Yunita,1,Rana Rani,1,Ratih Purwasih,5,Ratna Antika,1,Ratna Listy,1,Ratu,3,Ratu Sikumbang,11,Ray NineBall,1,Ray Parker Jr,1,Rayi Putra,1,Rayola,11,Red Hot Chili Peppers,8,Rega,1,Reggae,5,Regina,1,Regina Andriane Saputri,1,Regina Pangkerego,1,Religi,218,REM,1,Remember Of Today,1,Rendy Pandugo,2,Republik,14,Reverbnation,8,Reza,1,Reza Artamevia,1,Reza Maulana,1,Rhoma Irama,138,Ria Amelia,5,Ria Angelina,1,Riana Oces,1,Ribas,2,Ricky Ujung,1,Ridho Rhoma,10,Rif,9,Rifany Maria,1,Rihanna,15,Rihanna feat Drake,1,Rihanna feat Justin Timberlake,1,Rihanna feat Mikky Ekko,1,Rina Nose,2,Rina Nose feat Fakhrul Razi,1,Rini Wulandari,2,Rinto,1,Rio Febrian,6,Rita Effendi,1,Rita Effendy,4,Rita Sugiarto,33,Riz,1,Riza Umami,2,Rizki Ridho,2,Rizky Febian,2,Rob Setiko,1,Rob Thomas,5,Robbie Williams,7,Robbie Williams feat Nicole Kidman,1,Robin Schulz,2,RobinHood,1,Robyn,1,Rock 90s,8,Rock City,1,Rock Legend,6,Rocket Rockers,8,Romaria,1,Romeo,4,Roro Fitria,1,Rossa,58,ROT,1,Roulette,1,Rudi Caffeine,1,Rudiath,1,Rumor,1,Ruth Sahanaya,4,RVN,1,Ryan Star,1,S,511,Sabhi Saddi,1,Sabumi,1,Sahara,1,Sahrul Gunawan,1,Saif Adam,1,Saint Loco,2,Saipul Jamil,2,Saleena Band,1,Salju,2,Salsha,1,Sam Hunt,1,Sam Smith,16,Sami Yusuf,1,Sammy Simorangkir,9,Samsons,10,Sandhy Sandoro,12,Sandy Canester,7,Sandy Sandoro,1,Sania,1,Santana,5,Santana feat Mana,1,Sarah McLachlan,1,Saras Dewi,1,Sarasvati,1,Sarwendah,1,Save Your Day,1,Saybia,1,Saykoji,6,Scan,2,Screen,3,Seal,1,Search,5,Second Civil,1,Selena Gomez,15,Senario,1,September Band,1,Setia Band,19,Setia Band feat Celica,1,Seurius Band,4,Seventeen,12,SHAE,3,Shaffix,2,Shaggydog,1,Shania Twain,28,Shanty,1,SHE,4,Sheila Blee,1,Sheila on 7,22,Shella Ikhfa,1,Sherina,10,Sheryl Sheinafia,2,Sheryl Sheinafia Feat Ariel NOAH,1,Shiha Zikir,2,Shima,1,Shireen Sungkar,1,Shontelle,7,Shujat Ali Khan,1,Sia,4,Sigit Wardana,1,Sigma,1,Simon Adams,1,Simple Plan,24,Sind3ntosca,1,Sindy Havresthino,1,Singapore,2,Siti Badriah,6,Siti KDI,1,Siti Nurhaliza,15,Sivia Blink,1,SKA,1,Skala,1,SKJ 94,2,Slam,9,Slank,26,SLEEQ,1,Slow Rock,5,Slow Rock and Classic,157,smanSKArasta,2,Smash,5,SNADA,1,Snow Patrol,1,Soimah,2,Sonia,1,Sonny Joss,1,Sonny Josz,1,Sophia Latjuba,3,Soulmate,1,Soulvibe,3,Soulvibe feat Iwa K,1,Soundtrack,19,Soundwave,1,SouQi,1,Souqy,1,SoYou & JunggiGo,1,Spin,1,Spiranza,2,Spoon,2,ST12,25,Stacy Angie,1,Stand Here Alone,1,Steps,1,Steven & Coconut Treez,8,Still Virgin,1,Sting,1,Stings,2,Stinky,1,Subro,1,Success,1,Sudirman,3,Sufi Rashid,1,Suicide Squad Sountrack,3,Sule,1,Sultan,1,Sunyahni,1,Superman Is Dead,77,Survivor,1,Susi,1,Sweet Night Story,1,Sweetchild,1,Syaharani,1,Syahrini,11,Syakir Daulay,1,T,240,T2,7,Tahta,4,Tajuddin Nur,1,Tangga,7,Tania,1,Tantri,1,Tarling Dangdut,1,Tasha Manshahar,1,Tata Janeeta,3,Taufik Batisah,3,Taylor Swift,14,Taylor Swift feat Kendrick Lamar,1,Taylor Swift feat The Civil Wars,1,Tegar,1,Teguh Permana,1,Teguh Purnama,1,tembang kenangan,104,Ten 2 Five,8,Tenty Kamal,1,Tere,6,Terry,1,Teti Kadi,4,Tetty Kadi,1,Teuku Wisnu,1,The Beatles,20,The Chainsmokers,3,The Changcuters,13,The Conjuring 2,1,The Cranberries,1,The Dance Company,4,The Finest Tree,3,The Fly,6,The Housemartins,1,The Jenggot,1,The Lucky Laki,2,The Lumineers,1,The Mercy's,1,The Nelwans,1,The Overtunes,9,The Paper Kites,1,The Potters,2,The Pretenders,1,The Rain,6,The Rock,4,The Rollies,3,The Script,9,The Sister,3,The Spouse,1,The Tiren Chicken,2,The Titans,6,The Virgin,10,The Voice Indonesia 2016,5,The Weeknd,1,Thomas,1,Thomas Arya,4,Tia AFI,1,Tiar Ramon,2,Tiara Andini,1,Tika Kristianti,1,Tika Ramlan,1,Tiket,2,Tilu,1,Tina Toon,1,Tinie Tempah,1,Tiny Joseph,1,Titi DJ,5,Titi Kamal,1,Titiek Puspa,1,Tito Cilapop,1,TOFU,4,Tohpati,1,Tommy J Pisa,10,Tompi,11,Toni Braxton,1,Tori Kelly,1,Tove Lo,2,TQLA,1,Traci Hines,1,Travel,4,Trey Songz,1,TRIAD,4,Trio Ambisi,2,Trio Lestari,2,Trio Macan,1,Trio Ubur Ubur feat Sony Wakwaw,1,Tulus,12,Tuty Wibowo,1,Twenty One Pilots,1,Twentyfirst Night,1,U,119,U2,3,Ubay,1,Uci Bing Slamet,1,Uci Sucita,2,Ucok Sumbara,2,Udin Sedunia,2,Udit Narayan & Alka Yagnik,2,Udit Narayan & Anuradha Paudwal,1,Udit Narayan & Lata Mangeshkar,1,Uje,7,Uji Rashid,1,Ukays,9,UKS,2,Ummi Pipik,1,Ungu,72,Unori,1,Ussy,2,Utopia,10,V,79,Vagetos,3,Vagrant,1,Vanessa Angel,1,Vanessa Axelia,1,Vega Jelly,1,Velvet,1,Verrell Bramasta,1,Versi,2,Via Vallen,9,Vidi Aldiano,11,Vierra,26,Vierratale,3,Vina Panduwinata,1,Vinnie Lupita,1,Viola Arsa,2,ViRAL,1,Virgoun,3,Virgoun Last Child,2,VIRZHA,7,Vita Alvia,1,Vivi Atika,1,Voodoo,1,W,110,Wafiq Azizah,6,Wali,55,WALK THE MOON,1,Wandra,2,Wani Kayrie,1,Wann,1,Warkop DKI,2,Weezer,1,Whitney Houston,21,Who Is Fancy,1,Wika Salim,2,Willy Winarko,1,Wina,3,Windra Idol,1,Wings,4,Winner,1,Wisnu,1,Wiwik Sagita,2,Wiz Khalifa,1,Wiz Khalifa & Imagine Dragons,1,Wizzy,1,Wizzy Feat Sandhy Sondoro,1,Wong Lee Hom,1,Woro & Nada,1,X,4,X Factor Indonesia 2015,59,Y,60,Yan Asmi,3,Yan Vellia,1,Yana Yulio,2,Yangseku,1,Yasmine Wildblood,1,Yassovi,1,Yati Oktavia,1,Yayan Jatnika,6,Yen Rustam,1,Yessy Bintang,1,Yoda,2,Yovie & Nuno,4,Yovie and Nuno,19,Yuandari,1,Yuji,1,Yuka Kharisma,1,Yuka Tamada,4,Yuna,2,Yuna feat Usher,1,Yuni Rahayu,1,Yuni Shara,2,Yunizar Hussein,1,Yura Yunita,5,Z,40,Zahid,1,Zahra Damariva,2,Zainal Abidin,1,Zalmon,2,Zamree,2,Zara Larsson,2,Zara Larsson feat Mnek,1,Zaskia Gotik,9,Zaskia Sungkar,1,Zayn Malik,3,Zedd,2,Zee Avi,1,Zeke Khaseli & Yudhi Arfani,1,Ziana Zain,2,Zigaz,7,Zivilia,2,
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